Week 1 - Day 2-7

During this past week a lot has happened.


The WiFi was fixed the day after my post. We also bought a white cabinet that we mounted in our unfinished room to organize and store our home WiFi, co-ax cables, and telephone wires in our house. Currently I have the co-ax cables and splitters mounted with Velcro inside the cabinet. The Ethernet devices are plugged in and wires through the cabinet but I have not finished zip tying and organizing the wires. The Co-ax cables are already zip tied and organized. The Telephone wires I have not begun organizing and putting into the cabinet.

Bedroom Automation

In the past week I received another fan speed control and installed it… when it turned on it burned out…. and so did the next one… and then we redid all the wiring in the electrical outlet box so that it would be organized, and then we put in a new fan switch and it started working leading us to diagnose that the problem was that we had shorted out the switches. I now have a light switch, fan switch, and multipurpose sensor in my room. We also installed a new switch in the entryway of our house because we have a timer on our lights outside and it stopped working so we replaced with samsung smartthings and it is working great currently.