Home Automation Blog #1 - January 1

My home is in the slow progress of becoming an automated smart home and potentially including a home theater system.

On September 25th of 2018, I took possession of 1 Samsung Smart things hub V3. On the same day, I took possession of a Samsung Smart things water sensor. This water sensor was installed in our sump pump hole because our sump pump quit so we wanted to be prepared if that ever happened again.

If it ever does happen again, currently, me and my family will receive an alert on our phones that there is water being sensed overflowing its set limit.

Over Christmas, I received a GE Z-wave smart fan controller, a GE Z-wave smart light switch, and a Samsung Smart things multipurpose sensor. I installed the two smart controllers tonight but unfortunately, the smart fan control seems to have broken in the installation process so I will be receiving a new one on Friday (I will provide an update then).

The Smart Dimmer is currently working great but I have not connected it to the smart things hub yet because since I got back from vacation our WiFi has been out. We are having a repairman visit our house to fix the WiFi tomorrow. In the process of deciding where to put the multipurpose sensor which we will be mounting on the door on my room, the multipurpose sensor was dropped and the piece of metal on the non-electronic side of the sensor was knocked loose. The casing around it is still intact and the device should work still, further updates to come about that.